Saturday, March 20, 2010

ὁ Ἕσπερος ὁ Δαίμων

ἥκει ὁ Ἕσπερος ὁ Δαίμων

καὶ κάχλαζει τό μέθυ

καγχαλάω καὶ ἐγών

Notes: This is the very first poem I've composed in Classical Attic Greek. Translation:
The divine power of Evening has come [upon us]

And strong wines are plashing [as I listen]

I, my Self, am laughing [a cackling hen]

Evening being a Greek god or daimon (a spiritual power) is therefore capitalized.

κάχλαζει [plashing] and καγχαλάω [loud raucous laughter] are omomatopoeic words; that is, their sound is based on the respective natural sounds. They are Homeric words, found in the Odyssey and Iliad.
I didn't deliberately follow any stereotyped rhythm pattern that the Ancients used.

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